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Thank you for visiting the Central Magnet High School online application. On this page you will find a few instructions to get you started with the application.

Before beginning the application, we ask that you read our Requirements & Policies.

The Central Magnet on-line application will be opened between January 31, 2020 and February 28, 2020 for those candidates who have completed  the first step of the application process.

Only  candidates who have have been notified by letter that they have met the entrance criteria may complete the online application for Central Magnet High School.

All applications not meeting criteria above will be marked ineligible.

Please call the office of Student Choice for assistance. 203-275-1292

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The Magnet & Theme Programs Office would like to assure all applicants that the information gathered on this application is kept confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside our office.



  • You can save what you have already entered and return at a later time to complete the application by clicking the "Save and Exit" button.
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What are Magnet Programs?

Magnet schools create exciting learning experiences that promote student achievement. They are schools with programs that have a special focus, ranging from science and literature to performing arts and innovative technology. They attract students based on their learning needs, skills and special interests.